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Opportunity and 

Responsibility is

Our Love Language

This mantra defines our corporate culture. We champion professional and personal growth through key speaking engagements, sending to top conferences, and recommending for prestigious fellowships, as well as offering direct access to top-tier industry leaders. Our employees thrive on the freedom to work from anywhere, balanced by a strong sense of responsibility. This dynamic blend fosters innovation, values every contribution, and propels careers forward. Join us and be part of an environment where your potential knows no bounds.

Flexible Work Culture

Embrace Flexible Work and Work-Life Balance with Us

Imagine a work environment where your office can be a cozy café, your living room, or even a vibrant co-working space. At Pijar Foundation, we champion a flexible work culture that blends productivity with the joys of life. Whether you're brainstorming over a latte, taking a break to strum your guitar, or rejuvenating your mind with a quick game session, we believe in a work-life balance that fuels creativity and well-being.

Personal & Professional Development

At Pijar Foundation, we pride ourselves to be surrounded by prominent figures, strategic players, and top-tier institutions, we are privileged to be among the first to know about speaking engagements, prestigious conferences, and exclusive fellowships. These opportunities are passionately offered to our talented and passionate team members. This is our love language, a commitment to fostering growth, excellence, and unparalleled professional development. 

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Invited to speak at Annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy

Ferro Ferizka and Cynthia Krisanti have been invited to speak at the prestigious Annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy. Their insights will highlight innovative approaches to driving positive social impact through strategic philanthropy.


Attended SEASAT Youth Camp 2023, Taiwan

Aulia Pradipta Prabandaru, Program Strategist at Pijar Foundation set the stage for SEASAT Youth Camp 2023, welcoming participants to a transformative event on youth leadership and inclusive policies in Asia.


Awarded Best Participant at SEASAT Youth Camp 2023, Taiwan

Ellya Rizky Handayani, from Pijar Foundation, was honored as the Best Participant at SEASAT Youth Camp 2023 in Taiwan, recognizing her exceptional leadership and contribution to the event.

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Moderating Temasek Foundation Alumni Event

Muhammad Rizky, Curriculum & Program Lead at Pijar Foundation, is set to moderate the Temasek Foundation Alumni Event. His expertise in educational programming and curriculum development will guide insightful discussions among distinguished alumni.

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Selected as Delegate of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for Tiongkok, China

Alfianda Karuza, a delegate from Indonesia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, represents Indonesian youth in Tiongkok, China, promoting cultural exchange and strengthening bilateral ties

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Involved in Global Leadership Academy, Turkey

Leody Sarmanella, Head of People & Culture at Pijar Foundation involved in Global Leadership Academy gathers 20 impact leaders from Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia for a 6-7 day workshop in September 2023. Promoting South-South learning to develop localized solutions for SDG challenges.

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Moderating IABC Mid-Year Conference Event with Emil Dardak 

Cazadira F. Tamzil, Director of Public Policy at Pijar Foundation, moderated the IABC Mid-Year Conference alongside Emil Dardak. The event, themed "Sustainability Today, Legacy Tomorrow," focused on pivotal discussions around sustainable practices and future legacies.


Participated at Youth Summit 2024, United States

Aulia Pradipta Prabandaru, Program Strategist - Pijar Foundation has participated in the 2024 Youth Summit: "Powering Progress: Youth Leading the Digital Transformation."

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Served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Lestari Fast Break 2024

Bulan Setiawan served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Lestari Fast Break 2024 event at Merah Delima. Her engaging presence guided the evening’s festivities, celebrating community and togetherness during the holy month.

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Became a speaker at the Korean event, Impact Perspectives

Cynthia spoke at the Impact Perspectives event at the Westin in Korea. She discussed "Private Equity and Blended Finance in Indonesia," highlighting the innovative financial strategies driving growth in the region.

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Participated at 2023 China - ASEAN International Forum on Graduate Education

Muhammad Rizky participated in the 2023 China - ASEAN International Forum on Graduate Education, representing Pijar Foundation. His involvement highlighted his commitment to advancing graduate education and fostering international collaboration between China and ASEAN countries.

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Invited to speak at Forum Diaspora Indonesia Event 2023 

Ajeng Silvayanti was invited to speak at the Diaspora Event 2023. As a key representative of Pijar Foundation, she shared insights on fostering global connections and leveraging the strengths of the Indonesian diaspora to drive innovation and development.


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